Courses taught

ENVS 6900: Advanced Visitor Use Management
Graduate level class that focuses on frameworks, theories, challenges, and emerging issues in the management of visitor use in parks and protected areas.

ENVS 3600: Living with Wildlife
Course focuses on policy, social science frameworks and theories, wildlife-based recreation, human-wildlife conflict, and emergent human-wildlife issues. The course is both a depth learning and community engaged course.

ENVS 3300: Fundamentals of Recreation Resource Management
This class introduces students to different aspects of outdoor recreation and visitor use in wildland settings. Students learn about theories, designs, planning, and management of outdoor recreation from social, ecological, and managerial perspectives.

SUST 200: Foundations of Sustainability and Leadership
Thus university-wide class is for all levels of students and introduces them to different aspects of global and local sustainability. Students develop personal concepts about sustainability and identify challenges and solutions in a changing world. The course is part of the Sustainability Minor.

PTRM 150: Current Issues in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
This field-based class is designed for freshman and transfer students. The work in the class introduces students to different professional and academic focuses in the major.

PTRM 310: Natural Resource Interpretation and Communication
This junior and senior level class involves interpretive, education, and communication skills, methods, theories, and equipment.

PTRM 2200: Foundations of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
This class provides the theoretical, philosophical, and historical foundations of parks, recreation, and the natural environment.

LS 1450: Camping and Backpacking
This semester-long course focuses on developing backpacking skills. Semester ends in a 3-day backpacking trip in a wildland setting.

LS 1000: Birding
This semester long class helps students develop recreational birding skills.

LS 1650: Flatwater Kayaking in Everglades National Park
Co-instructed for a course over several weeks designed to build flatwater kayaking skills. Course concluded with a weeklong kayaking trip through Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park.