Grad students

Current graduate students

Iree Wheeler – PhD student in Environment and Society
Iree is a PhD student focusing on park and protected are management. She has a BS and MS from the University of Montana. Iree has worked with tribal, federal, and non-profit groups to achieve conservation success at a landscape level. Iree was recently recognized as a Dark Sky Defender by the International Dark Sky Associate for her work in Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park.

Caleb Meyer – MS student in Recreation Resource Management
Caleb Meyer is a graduate assistant in the Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism pursuing a MS degree in Recreation Resource Management. Working with Dr. Miller, Caleb’s research is focused on backcountry visitor use in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and visitor flow in Craters of the Moon National Monument. In addition to his studies with Dr. Miller, Caleb works with the U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station on research related to National Scenic Trails. Prior to coming to Utah State, Caleb was employed as the field manager for Penn State University’s Protected Areas Research Collaborative in support of various projects on federal public lands. He’s also worked as a recreation technician for the Bureau of Land Management in Monticello, Utah and Bears Ears National Monument, and as the social science intern at Grand Teton National Park. Outside of research, Caleb’s primary passion is long-distance hiking, including a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019.

Jake Richards – MS student in Recreation Resource Management
Jake (he/him/his) is an MS student in Recreation Resource Management with research focused on effective communication strategies to increase use of non-lead ammunition in the California Condor recovery zone of Utah. Originally from Vermont, Jake has undergraduate degrees in History and Environmental Science, and recently completed the Teton Science Schools’ Graduate Program in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His long term research goals involve exploring the conservation opportunities related to hunting, homesteading, foraging, and other traditional land ethics.

Will Rempel – MS student in Recreation Resource Management
Will (he/him/his) is an MS student in Recreation Resource Management. His current research focuses on managing rivers and recreational fisheries. He is originally from the New Mexico and Southern Colorado area, and received his undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating, he worked as an outdoor recreation researcher with the Bureau of Land Management in Southern Nevada, and more recently as a river recreation ranger with the Custer-Gallatin National Forest near Bozeman, Montana. Will’s professional interests include outdoor recreation data, visitor use monitoring, and surveys to better understand use patterns and inform management decisions. 

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